Domme Mantra

I expect you to email/instant message me the way you would talk to a woman in ANY public setting. Asking questions or making comments to me that you normally wouldn’t have the balls to say face to face to a woman is tacky. If you want to chat with me… avoid doing that.

Yes, I am a bitch, but only when I HAVE to be. Take note it is because of the majority of “men” who have contacted me with crude comments and lack of respect that has made me post this. I expect a certain level of respect when a guy approaches me. If you see this as a fault, then you need to find a woman who has a lack of self respect. If you want to chat with an independent, confident woman who knows what she wants out of life and nothing less than we will get along just fine.

I am a Dominatrix.

I work in the fetish & BDSM industry. (Everything from owning sites to fetish modeling & in between.)


Yes, fetish & BDSM are also hobbies of mine.

I have a bunch of typical vanilla interests and hobbies. ( I am tired of answering this question 10x’s a day)

Refer to my list of music/bands/singers I listen to. (Coming soon)

I have NO interest in your penis or how horny you are.

NO, I will not have sex with you.

I know I am hot; I don’t need you reminding me.

I am self centered. This is not a myth, nor is it an act.

If you are going to email make it worth opening.

If you send useless email with “hi”, “hey sexy” or anything along those lines, it will be tossed.

If you email or instant message me on AOL or Yahoo and ask questions that are clearly answered or mentioned here…

I will refer you back to this profile so you can do some reading.

Save your opinions for someone who gives a shit.

Oh yeah, before I forget. You are just like every other guy until you prove otherwise. So save the “but I’m different” speech. I’ll be the judge of that.